The Team That Rocks IT


I began Team Thompson Online in 2007 when I moved to Bucharest Romania with my wife so that she could pursue a career opportunity. With a ten-year teaching career including four years of IT teaching, I felt it was time to apply my tech skills as a freelancer.

During my time in Romania, I had the good fortune to work on two education related projects: Mogosoaia College and Teacher 2 Teacher Romania. This experience, combined with my education background led me to focus on how technology could best be applied to the field of education.

Upon my return to Japan in 2009, I began doing freelance IT work at some of the international schools here in Tokyo. Although I am not limited to educational institutions, I still have a strong interest in technology and education and how technology can be used to reduce teacher workloads and improve student educational outcomes.

Christian R. Thompson
Tokyo, 2009